Thursday, October 20, 2011

An evening with staff

I have been moving slowly, one day at a time. I don''t have any worry as such. The first 5 days has been slowly unlocking every bit of my new life, one thing at a time. Have gone to nearby villages, resorts and towns, all has been basically smooth exploration, giving me a lot of confidence learning my surroundings.

Just couple of hours ago, there was elephant loud trumpet which has left fear in my mind. The closest house is tribal thatched roof huts who are shouting and beating up vessels to chase away the elephant. My fellow staff left me alone at night 30 feet from the park border, confirming to me; its nothing for an elephant to knock down the fence and crash down the pillar and enter my house.

That's not it, while we(my fellow colleague Chida and me) were returning back in dark night from our usual walk, the local stray dog "pinto" which guards our home jumped from no where scaring us to death. When we closely observed, the dog right eye was bleeding. My first thought was it could be by wild animal like a leopard, tiger, wild dogs etc. We just rushed through with our walk and hit straight to bed.

A lot of things has been happening newly and I truly relish the absolute sacred feeling. Life is beautiful and praise the lord.


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