Friday, October 14, 2011

My first thoughts of new home

Stopped at the gate, before entering my new home. My first glimpse gave me tremors unsure what's coming ahead. The incomplete compound and dug up black-mud really gave me stomach pain. We drove inside ( was accompanied by Chief Naturalist Sarath and friend) and got down, felt better observing the thick natural habitat and descent home. I finally got connected to the place, although the feel was actually quiet good throughout the journey.
my next steps only kept getting better,  the beautiful architect imagination had come alive in this building. The nice view from balcony was just icing in the cake. By evening it started drizzling and we went up the roof for the best view of forest. I could slow down the time there for next 2 hours. You are exposed to the forest weather unlimited. The thick Deciduous forest was at smelling distance with luxurious house to live, what more can you ask for...

Next morning again was only getting better, I woke up to beautiful view from my bedroom window that I have ever in my life woken up to and then moved curtains for ecstatic movement. It was breath taking. The chirping of birds was my alarm, peafowls calling me and many other birds that I will document in my next few weeks. We took a walk and could feel the nature so close like forest was breathing inside us.

All this has been offered for "not" working 10 years in corporate life but for  descent passion towards nature, being local and environmental science student.I have been picked up by group of entrepreneurs investing on home-stay next to National park.

I finally did go on the safari and then drove inside national park (Rajiv Gandhi and Nagarhole national park ) went passed midst of Jungle to reach Western Ghats. The road trip from Bangalore  to Kabini to Waynad to Calicut to Bangalore has been best experience of my life.


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