Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local communities

It had been a quiet day until we planned to take a ride to river basin by around 5pm. It was hardly few minutes on bike we reached beautiful sunset point. Malthadi village near Kabini (Karapura) which belong to kuruba community. This place is surrounded by major resorts who make thousands for similar spot from other side of river whereas these villagers do not even have basic necessity. I hope someday travellers come and stay in these village houses like a home stay and help improve local community economy.

Chida happy moment

I would have paid over 10k if I had come as a visitor to stay at this place for a night. Now all I have to do is take 10 minutes ride from my new home. Well, we don't account this for our savings when we get it without paying :). The dark nimbus clouds literally chased us out, within few minutes the clouds came running after us. We got caught in rain and ran into nearby government school for shelter. There were few puppies closely sleeping one top of the other to survive cold weather. I don't think that school has any students sadly.

Lets help local communities in remote places during your visit to resorts or lodges or safari. We are making an effort to employ local community in our home stay.

Waiting for summer, elephants come inside the village for water.


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