Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mahadeshwara Temple

This amavasya night is also auspicious night; after Mahalaya Amavasya which followed after Durga pooja now comes Deepavali(Narakachaturthi) night . In kabini I got to know there would be special prayers organised at the near by temple. So I planned to take my Jeep and drive along with the 2 of my coworkers to the other side of the Kabini river. Although it takes just about an hour on boat to cross, I didn't want to go on coracle and decided a 3 hour ride a long detour to reach temple.

Kabini reservoir
Road to the end of the begining
A lot of villagers were gathering today for the occasion. We enjoyed scenic beauty throughout the journey from N.Belathur to Antharasanthe to HD Kote to Kabini dam to Bhimanakolli . Truly the clouds seems to touch down driving on the peaks and world doesn't appear flat from those landscapes. The temple is located at river basin and it is peninsular land i.e both sides of land is covered by river

The villagers were migrated from this town to other sides of Kabini river about 40 years ago to avoid human interference in the forest. I felt there is a lot of HELP required interms of educating these tribal families after relocating them from their base.

Sky touching down

Tribal  women Dance in front of Temple for Lord Mahadeshwara

These women dancing in front of temple before falling to gods feet, a very ethnic form of worshipping and it is indeed sheer devotional dance to lord Mahadeshwara.

Also you can see in below pics the tiger is worshipped which is carrier (his vehicle) of Lord Mahadeshwara. In february I heard there would 3 days fair where they build sand stage in front of temple and that night, tiger comes to pay respect to his master by circling around temple and you can find the pug marks on the sand every year.

Lord Mahadeshwara's Tiger worshipped before temple parade
Ninna poojege bande mahadeshwara....

Temple crowd
Almighty himself, below flower covered with original Linga formation
Beautiful spiritual connections...

Come visit the traditional temple of Hindu heritage.

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  1. Another nice blog n very good scenery pictures... i guess it must hve been a very holy experience..